Watch Out Summer....Here We Come!

Watch Out Summer....Here We Come!

The summer of 2018 was my first summer with two extremely active toddlers. Which, by almeans, was terrifying. How on Earth do you entertain two kids on the weekend when it’s 300 degrees outside and when all of us definitely have that freckle/pale also known as porcelain complexion?

I did the usual weekend routine, you know… the park before 10 am, snow cones at Pelicans, nature scavenger hunts at Anne Close Greenway, evening picnics at Walter Elisha Park, and, of course, Target runs with that sweet, sweet redemption of air conditioning. Can y’all see how deep my marriage to Target goes? I tried all those brain stimulating Pinterest activities that show a toddler quietly sitting and learning at the clean kitchen table. I don’t know about you but that’s definitely not how it happened for me. I’m still trying to clean up the Shaving Cream Painting Disaster of 2018 off of my kitchen cabinets.

I could not, for the life of me, figure out what I was supposed to be doing to wear these bouncing balls of energy out. So, I went above and beyond to schedule every waking moment. Bending over backwards to create amazing insta-worthy memories to look back and remember how awesome of a summer it was. My schedule became work all week and entertain all weekend, and then wake up Monday morning to do it all again. It wasn’t until we spent a week in the mountains when I realized that a simple walk around the lake was fine. That’s an activity. It may sound simple, but it blew my mind. I had been walking through the past year just trying to wrap my brain around having 2 kids. I hadn’t paid attention to the boulder on my back full of anxiety and fear. That bolder was made of the fear of letting my kids down, the fear of toddler tantrums in public, the fear of letting my job down. And all the anxiety that comes with those fears paralyzed me. I realized I had been scheduling every moment of my life, so I could ignore myself.


I will always be grateful to the mountains for the poor cell service that kept me off the grid from work. I could enjoy the stillness and quietness of Lake Junaluska. I will always be grateful for the tree swing on a giant oak for letting me sit quietly with my kids and just enjoy the crisp mountain air. That being said I like to be prepared for anything. See my last post about being a human Swiss Army knife. So, this summer, I will be prepared, i’m gonna prepare so hard.

And by prepare I mean the following:

I will… ignore Pinterest.

I will… drink water

I will… stick to the plan of going with the flow

I will… laugh when my plans go awry.

I will… schedule time for self-care

I will… drink more water

I will… create memories in whatever we are doing.

I will…remember that I’m still here.

I might forget to drink some water. But this summer, I’ll be prepared to be present in each moment. Every insta-worthy moment will be there regardless if we are standing in a sunflower field, or exploring one of the trails on the Greenway. I’ll be prepared to laugh when I teach my kid how to catch frogs when it rains. I’ll be prepared to sing at bath time because our bathroom has excellent acoustics. And I’ll be prepared to appreciate the calmness and bad cell service in the mountains again. You better believe i’m going off the grid again. Work calls will not be answered; work email will be ignored. Catching up on the Real Housewives of whatever city, state and county- heck yeah. My phone capabilities will be solely for Netflix or Hulu, and texting my sister while she’s stuck with a newborn in the cone of safety a.k.a.. her living room couch.

Because I have learned these important lessons from last summer; Remember I’m here, practice self-care, and, by gosh, please future me wear sunscreen.

No More Tomorrow, Start Today

No More Tomorrow, Start Today