9 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

9 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

We all love our children to the moon and back times two – right?

Doesn’t it seem as though the busyness of “parenting” doesn’t leave much time to show our kids the adoration they crave? It’s crazy to think how much we pack into a parenting day: car pools, errands, house cleansing, grocery shopping field trips, work, three meals, two snacks, and then there is laundry – I’m tired from typing about it. Here are 9 quick and easy ways to show your children you love them.

Surprise notes

This is one of my favorites. Kids love the surprise of finding “love notes” from their parents. I often leave them in their lunch boxes, book bags, sock drawers and bathroom mirrors. My kids love simple notes like, “love you”, “you’ve got this,” and “you are the bomb.com”. It’s fun to watch my ten-year old son act like he didn’t like finding his note when it’s obvious he did.

Look into their eyes

This can be so much harder than it sounds. It became a huge challenge for me a few months ago when I purposely moved my home office from the attic to the front office in our house because I wanted to be there for the kids when they came in from school. I found myself typing while my kids were telling me about their days. Now, when my kids are talking to me, I put my back to my computer and purposely put my hands in my lap. It’s been amazing to see the difference in the depth of conversations I have with them.

Give them quality time

When I was a child, my Mom was a single mom and worked three jobs while she was enrolled in college. She didn’t have a lot of spare time, but she made the most of what she had. She gave me twenty minutes of “quality time” a day. No phones, no paperwork, no distractions, just the two of us. For the most part, I picked the activities and she completely focused on me and what we were doing for the twenty minutes. I absolutely loved the special time with my Mom. Smile when they walk in the room. We greet a friend or coworker walking into the room with a smile, so why not our kids? I want them to remember my face lighting up and love to see them smile back at me. I also want them to know they make me happy and bring joy to my day.

Hug them longer

Hug your children until they let go.
It’s so easy to give our kids a quick hug and jump right back into the busyness of life. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what would happen if you let them stay in your arms for as long as they hug you? You may find that some of those hugs turn into precious cuddle time.

Take interest in their interests

This one can be a little harder than it sounds especially for us Boy Moms. My Son’s interests are all things boy and, in all honesty, I wasn’t interested in or familiar with any of them, so I found myself deferring to my husband a little too often. It negatively affected my Son and my relationship. I now take the time to learn about what interests him. Nothing wrong with being a 47-year-old skateboard mom is there?

Brag about them to others & be sure they hear

As parents we are all proud of our children. Make it a point to speak highly of them when introducing them to others or talking about them. My kids’ response to this has been absolutely amazing. The other day my son asked me if I really thought he was funny and kind. Take a family adventure Family adventures can be a great way to connect with children and show them you love them. It can be something as simple as going to a new park with a picnic basket or going camping or on an actual vacation. Exploring new areas together will give you a chance to connect and take your family fun on the road.

Make bedtime a special time

Bedtime routines are a great avenue to show children we love them. We take time to list ten things we are grateful for and I’m always sure to say I’m thankful for my children and something great about them. We talk about our goals, dreams, fears and end in prayer. Connecting with our kids before they drift off to sleep is priceless.

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