Fort Mill Mom life is a collective of Moms that share a love for our community. Fort Mill Mom Life thrives to builds a community with other moms giving them roots for future generations to come.

Our Moms:


Let me introduce myself and the heart behind this little site. My name is Tiffany and I actually grew up here in Fort Mill. I graduated from Fort Mill High, went to Fest-i-Fun and took swim lessons at The Complex. I remember when the Peach Stand rented VHS movies and Baxter was nothing but peach trees. Yes, all those things really happened. 

As life moved forward I found myself in Charleston, SC getting married and raising my little family, till a job moved us back to Fort Mill. I was shocked at the growth! I remember being so confused and needing to use maps on my phone to get anywhere. My small town and its roots had more than doubled with all the growth. There were new families everywhere. 

New families coming to Fort Mill to put down roots. 

That was the thought behind Fort Mill Mom Life. I wanted a place where mom's could share their voice, find community, and let their families roots grow deep into the roots of Fort Mill. 

Welcome to Fort Mill Mom Life. I hope this becomes a place that gives moms around town a voice and roots for their families and future generations to come!